Could a 97 Yr. Old Technique Really Shape Your Body Like a Professional Dancer, and Make You Feel A Dozen Years Younger?

Yes and Yes again! Pilates is widely viewed as the safest, most effective way to shape and tone your body. Pilates is not a fad, it has been practiced for a very long time. Pilates has the ability to strengthen your core, elongate your spine, increase blood flow, making you feel better.

Many people have even turned to Pilates as a way of recovering from injuries, eliminate pain and even avoid unwanted surgery.

Pilates is a method of body conditioning, by strengthening and lengthening muscles that are tight or weak, which is a major cause of many health problems.

Who is Pilates Made Easy For?

ANYONE! Pilates is a low impact alternative that just about anybody can try. Pregnant women, people with obesity, children, seniors, all have experienced great benefits with a Pilates based workout. As with most exercise programs there are beginner and advanced variations, so you can do it at your own pace.

"I have been wanting to try a Pilates workout but I really couldn't afford the session prices. So then I tried a Pilates class at my gym, but I felt like I couldn't keep up. Your dvd was a perfect solution, I watch the video and do the workout a few times per week at home. My stomach is getting stronger and im about ready to try the intermediate dvd soon."


Tyra R. Chicago

What will I learn from this video?

You will learn which movements, stretches and exercises that will target your trouble spots. You will also learn how to use Pilates to improve your posture, reduce stress, eliminate pains, and how to FEEL BETTER!

pilates dvd

Why is this video free?

Not everyone knows about Pilates, by offering this dvd for free we are spreading the word about how Pilates has helped so many people improve the bodies and their lives.

We also think that you will love the beginner dvd and will want to buy the intermediate/ advanced dvd.